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Whatever your content & communication needs, I’ll
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Perhaps you already know exactly what you need. Perhaps you’re considering a content marketing strategy but don’t know where to begin. Or perhaps you’re simply open to the possibilities! Wherever you are on your content journey, I would love to help.

Pricing is provided as a guide only; it depends on things like how technical the work is, how long it may take, and how soon you need it! Get in touch to chat about your needs and budget, and I’ll put a quote together for you.

If you don’t see what you need on this page, there’s a good chance that I can still help. Get in touch to find out!


The bread and butter of content marketing. Blogs demonstrate your knowledge and leadership. They help you directly engage with audience interests, and can even generate engagement long after publication. Whether you need a 600-word article full of fresh insights, or a 1500-word think-piece, I’ll work with you on content ideas, carry out research, write to brief, and proofread the finished product. I can even source a legal image, and provide pull-quotes to use across your social media.
Pricing: Generally between £75 (for a brief straightforward blog) and £300 (for a longer research-heavy blog).

Copy editing & proofreading

Well-polished copy is professional and persuasive. Typos and poor grammar are not. Copy editing means correcting grammar, spelling, style and punctuation. It also means checking that the copy reads well, and is on-brand. Proofreading is about checking a final product – when it’s laid out and nearly ready to go – to catch those final errors.
Pricing: Starts at £35 per hour. For straightforward proofreading, you can estimate about 2-3000 words per hour, plus time to review associated style guides.

Internal Communications

Employees are hugely important stakeholders in any organisation. Staff satisfaction doesn’t just make a happier workforce: it is essential to improving productivity. Internal Communications is about getting the right message to the right employees at the right time. It’s also about inspiring employees to be ambassadors for your brand. I am an internal communications expert with more than six years’ experience in working to inform and inspire internal audiences. I can advise on your company’s messaging and employee engagement strategies.
Pricing: Contact me to discuss your needs

Podcast consulting

A podcast is a rich and compelling platform for reaching employees and audiences. Podcasts can help you to share engaging information and news, and your listeners can enjoy the show whether in the car, relaxing at home, or dong the hoovering. I can help you to create a content plan, write scripts, and advise on the do’s and don’ts of setting up and promoting your podcast. I am the writer and showrunner of critically-acclaimed and award-winning sitcom podcast Oblivity, which has enjoyed more than 75,000 downloads to date.
Pricing: Contact me to chat about your needs

Social media guidance & posts

Social media is not just cat pictures. It’s one of the most important platforms for engaging meaningfully with prospective customers and audiences. Social media is not a place to advertise, but to discuss, support and gain real-time feedback. If you’re using social media, it’s really important to understand what kind of messaging works best on each channel, and which ones can add most value to your particular offer. I can advise you, and craft posts to help build your reputation and brand online – even uploading them directly into your social media management platform if required.
Pricing: Contact me to chat about your needs

Website copy

A website is your shop front. It’s usually the first thing people see when they Google you. and that’s why it’s so important to make a brilliant first impression with clean, elegant copy. What’s more, search engines actively reward well-written sites by bumping them up results pages. We can help you write your website copy, making sure there are good links within your website structure.
Pricing: Starts at £25 per static page. This depends on how much copy you intend to have on each page!

White Papers

If you have lots of compelling data, or insightful survey responses, a White Paper will help you set out your findings intelligently and persuasively. Because of their in-depth nature, White Papers are a brilliant thing to offer to prospective customers in return for their contact details. We can write authoritative copy, carry out research to inform findings, and give your White Paper the best chance of having a real impact on your audience.
Pricing: Starts at £250. Contact me to discuss your plans.

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From marketing copy to press releases to anglicising text; whatever your objective, get in touch for a chat!